Scope and Outcome for Week 2:
Week 1 should have given you an overview of how Live operates and what Live can do. It is my hope that it has inspired some musical ideas and of your own.
Week 2 will focus on audio recording, editing and mixing fundamentals. We will record, edit, arrange and mix a piece of music as a group. We will start by recording original audio samples and explore audio effects processing techniques.
Preparations you can make ahead of Week 2
Bring your musical instruments. Acoustic, electro-acoustic or electronic. Guitars, synths, drums, etc. I will have an audio interface and Rode NT-1 for capture purposes.
Please bring your laptop and headphones. Download and install the 30-day free trial of Ableton Live 10 Suite if you haven’t already done so: 
Week 2 Recordings and Project Files
Splice Project  – Add Yourself as a Collaborator
Consolidated Live 10 Project
Audio Recording – Group A (Saturday)
Type of Microphones
Ribbon – Example: Barkley Microphone – No Power Required – Responds well to heavy EQ; no phase issues incurred.
Dynamic Microphone – No Power Required – Example: Shure SM57 or SM58 (instrument and vocal microphone, respectively).
Condenser Microphone – Power (+48v) Required – Example: Rode NT-1
Suggested Reading on Microphones
Sound On Sound – Using Microphone Polar Patterns
Electret Microphone Versus a ‘True’ Condenser
Condenser Versus Dynamic
Recommended Audio Interfaces
Free Open, Share-Ware Tools:
Free Vocal Doubling VST by iZotope