7 thoughts on “Stream macOS 1.0.20191124

  1. Eric Schurig Reply

    I just purchased Stream from Ilio but to register it inside my DAW I need an account and user name from your site. How do I make a new account? All I see is MY ACCOUNT and no way to create an account. HELP

    • dsl Post authorReply

      Hi Eric. Please see our FAQ. You assign an email address, username and password to your issued activation code.

  2. nolan benz Reply

    Cannot open because apple cannot check it for malicious software. Says company needs to update software.

    • dsl Post authorReply

      Hi Nolan. This is covered in our FAQ. Right-click on the installer and click open. The installer is signed with an authorized developer certificate but for reasons we are trying to identify, we lose that certification when we upload the installer to our website.

  3. Jon Reply

    Is there any kind of manual or in-depth tutorial vid available? Found the Intro vid on your site but still have a ton of questions.

    • dsl Post authorReply

      Hey Jon! There’s one coming. I’m actually shooting one for the new update (1.1) this weekend. Sit tight.

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